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Water Heater Installation

Water Heater Installation Services

When the time arrives to update your water heater and install a new one, you can count on Benjamin Franklin Plumbing. We will help you make the perfect selection that matches your unique needs and budget. From installing a gas line to adding an expansion tank, we precisely follow every specification to the last detail. Whether you are looking for a conventional tank water heater or a modern alternative, our expert technicians can properly install your unit.

Types of Water Heaters



Gas water heaters incur higher upfront costs than electric options, but they can save money long-term due to the low cost of natural gas. If you choose a gas heater, it is wise to periodically inspect your gas line, gas valve, and water tank to prevent leaks and sediment buildup. This will prolong the lifespan of your water heater, ensure it is optimally performing, and safeguard your home and family against potential hazards.


Electric heaters usually offer lower upfront costs but generally cause higher monthly utility bills when compared to gas heaters. Nevertheless, because the electric grid powers electric water heaters, they are more environmentally friendly – especially if local electricity uses renewable energy sources.



Signs You Need a Water Heater Replacement



If water is pooling around the bottom of your water heater, there's likely an internal structural problem that's causing a slow leak. The root cause might be sediment buildup, a crack in the steel liner, excessive rust, a faulty drain valve, or a defective temperature & pressure relief valve. Unfortunately, leaks can be challenging to repair and usually warrant a replacement as soon as possible to avoid further water damage and mold growth.

High Water Bills

When a water heater is backed up with sediment, old, corroded, neglected, or set at an excessively high temperature, the costs of water and electric bills can double. The primary culprit of high water bills is a leak. Regularly checking for damp conditions and signs of drippage is a simple way to catch problems before they get out of hand.


理想情況下,熱水器應盡可能靠近您的水固定裝置,以確保快速送貨。無水加熱器是一種很爱游戏ayx手机登录好的解決方案 - 它們可以在任何地方安裝,每分鍾送兩到三加侖的熱水。與慢速加熱儲罐不同,無罐裝置也立即具有加熱水的上行。

Another effective solution is installing a hot water recirculation system that returns unused hot water to the water heater. Hot water recirculation systems can get your shower hot and dishes clean without needing to run your faucet for an extended period. Delivering hot water quickly, you won’t need to waste gallons and inflate your monthly water bill while waiting for water to reach a satisfying temperature.




We recommend seriously considering a new water heater if:

  1. 您的單元提供了不足的熱水。
  2. Your unit is frequently breaking down and needing costly repairs.
  3. Your unit is over 10 years old, wearing out, and losing its efficiency.
  4. Your unit leaks or is rusting due to water minerals.

如果導頻燈閃爍,斷路器跳閘,燃燒器發生故障,閥門卡住,或恒溫器斷裂,修複和更換應該便宜。然而,當問題和維修與較舊的熱水器繁殖時,考慮更換選項是明智的。新車型高達20%的效率 - 在單位的壽命上節省了數百美元的能源成本。

How Long Do Water Heaters Last?



The price of a water heater depends on many factors, including:

  • 單位的大小
  • The difficulty of installation
  • The materials needed
  • 刪除舊單元
  • The labor involved
  • 需要獲取許可或改造空間以滿足代碼
  • 技術特征(一些型號,如混合型或太陽能熱水器,也可以棘手安裝)爱游戏ayx手机登录


In the pursuit of affordable price points, big box stores often sell lower-quality products that lack professional-grade parts. What seemed like a great deal might not be once issues emerge.


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Benefits of Getting a New Water Heater

A new water heater offers many perks, such as:

  1. 提供足夠的熱水以滿足您的所有需求
  2. 提高您的能效
  3. 減少緊急故障的可能性
  4. Creating more space
  5. Making less sound



Hot Water Recovery Rate

The second most common reason behind water heater replacements is to increase the volume of hot water. By upgrading to a tankless system or a larger tank, you can make sure your household has sufficient hot water supplies for showers, dishwashing, laundry, and other tasks. Our team can help you choose a model and size that meets your needs.



Produces Less Waste

Each year in the United States, around730萬條傳統的基於罐的熱水器設置成垃圾填埋場爱游戏ayx手机登录。使用無油桶熱水器,您將擁有一個持久的單位,持續更長時間,包括可重複使用和可回收的零件,並且造成較少的浪費。

無罐係統也大大降低了能量消耗。If every water heater in North America were a high-efficiency tankless alternative, the continent would annually save:

  1. 290 million gallons of fuel oil
  2. 164 million gallons of propane
  3. 6 billion hours of kilowatt electricity

Why It's Important to Maintain Your Water Heater



According to theCenters for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC),無意的CO中毒導致400多名死亡人數,每年有20,000次急診室訪問和美國4,000家住院治療。熱水器可以導致一氧化碳中毒有3種主要方式:爱游戏ayx手机登录

  1. The unit was improperly installed
  2. 該單位接收不經常的維護
  3. 該裝置通風不足,偏離瓦斯逃逸


Water heaters are responsible for a surprisingly large percentage of home fires every year. To protect your home against fire, we suggest:




Prevent Structural Damage

Most modern water heaters are equipped with a cathodic/sacrificial anode rod designed to prevent rust. Unfortunately, this rod can deteriorate over time. As a result, industry experts recommend routinely checking the anode rod. Our maintenance team can remove, inspect, and even replace the rod if needed.



Water Heater Repair

Repairs can be costly, which is why we recommend proactive maintenance. At Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, we offer a year-round water heater maintenance program called theBen Franklin Society。This program is a wise investment that can help you avoid inconvenient emergencies and expensive repairs. By preventively修複次要問題,我們的日常訪問將顯著幫助您延長熱水器的壽命。

Tankless Water Heaters

According to Energy.gov, tankless water heaters are 24% to 34% more energy-efficient than conventional units in homes using under 41 gallons of daily hot water – saving homeowners money every year.Tankless unitsare so efficient because they heat water on demand. Cold water travels through a pipe into the unit, where either a gas or electric burner instantly heats the water. This process allows for constant hot water without any wait time.


Unlike traditional water heaters, solar water heaters are independent of the electric grid. Highly efficient solar units use solar panels to draw clean, renewable energy from the sun. Though pricier upfront, solar water heaters will save you money on utility bills and lower your carbon footprint.

Expansion Tanks

膨脹罐可以是救生員 - 非常字麵意思。以各種尺寸提供,膨脹罐為能夠在近距離電路罐中積聚的壓力提供浮雕插座。這是一個關鍵的安全措施。水隨著熱量而膨脹,如果沒有足夠的空間,這種膨脹會導致坦克爆發。通過安裝膨脹罐來幫助主罐,我們可以釋放這種可能爆炸性的壓力。

Water Heater Replacement Frequently Asked Questions

在更換熱水器時,可能會出現許多詢問。yaboayx爱游戏官网Benjamin Franklin Plumbing可以全天候提供全部問題。

What Is the Difference Between Gas and Electric Water Heaters?




We do not recommend installing your new water heater on your own. A simple DIY mistake can have grave consequences:

Our experienced technicians can help you select the proper water heater size and model for your home and safely install it.

How Long Does it Take a Plumber to Install a New Water Heater?

我們的認證和經驗豐富的技術人員迅速工作。我們通常可以刪除舊單元並安裝一個新的單元approximately three hours。Various factors can affect this timeframe, including the need to add new gas or water lines. Regardless of the situation, we work urgently and always show up on time. After all, our company motto is:If There’s Any Delay, It’s You We Pay™

Are Water Heater Replacements Covered Under Homeowners Insurance?

Some policies consider a water heater to be part of a home and cover it under dwelling coverage. Your water heater might also be insured by equipment breakdown coverage. However, standard homeowners policies usually don’t cover water heaters unless specifically added for an extra fee.



  • If electrical modifications are necessary, an electrical permit may be required.
  • Should you need to add or modify existing gas or water lines, acquiring a plumbing permit is a common prerequisite.

When replacing a conventional water heater, modern building codes might also require upgrades to be made to your:


Applying for a permit almost always involves a mandatory inspection that will include a long list of safety checks. An inspector will inspect multiple components, including:

  1. 飛行員光
  2. The gas pipes
  3. 排氣煙道
  4. The relief/drain valve
  5. The combustion chamber
  6. Earthquake restraints


The peace of mind that comes with knowing your water heater is safely installed and seamlessly functioning is invaluable. With100%滿意度和準時保證, we always arrive punctually and prepared to stand behind our stellar service.

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