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Drain Cleaning


你家裏的下水道的整體體育至關重要rformance of your plumbing system. Even the smallest clog can cause your plumbing to smell, create a health and safety concern for your family, move slower than usual, and reduce reliability. If the drain is ignored for long enough, significant plumbing problems can occur, often resulting in major repairs.

While clogged drains are a common part of owning a plumbing system, they can be avoided with the right care. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing is here to help keep your drains clean through regular inspection and maintenance. Our team has been delivering professional, efficient, and reliable drain cleaning services to countless homeowners over our 25 years.

Servicing Any Type of Clogged Drain Including:

We’re prepared to clean all types of drains found in and around your home. Due to our decades of hand-on experience, we’ve seen it all.

Kitchen Sink Drain

Our kitchen sink drains are used a lot, so there’s no wonder why clogs form after some time. Whether your slow drain is caused by grease, fat, food debris, or a rogue fork, our plumbers will take the time to clear away the clog and leave your sink drain looking like new.

Bathroom Drain Cleaning

The bathroom is important to the overall hygiene and comfort of your home, so isn’t it important to ensure its drains are always in tip-top shape? From the sink to the shower, we have the proper tools, experience, and skills needed to address your bathroom clogs and inefficient drains.

Clogged Bathroom Sink

While it can be caused by toothpaste, loose hair, or soap scum, a clogged bathroom sink is no match for our plumbers. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing plumbers are ready to clear away the clog and clean away any leftover residue. This is done to ensure your drain’s clog doesn’t reappear.



Clogged Shower & Bathtub Drain


Laundry Drains

Laundry drains contribute to the overall comfort of your home. And since we rely on our laundry rooms weekly – if not daily – it's important to give all of your laundry room drains the proper care they need to make laundry day as easy as ever!



Utility Sink Drains

If you have a utility sink in your laundry room, basement, or garage, it’s important to give these water fixtures extra care and attention to avoid unruly clogs. Be sure to not use utility sinks as trash cans – not everything can – or should – go down the drain!

Floor Drain Cleaning

Floor drains can be incredibly useful in avoiding serious water damage during the likes of flooding after a storm or during a plumbing emergency. This is why it’s important to have your floor drains routinely inspected and cleaned. Our team will ensure they are reliable and effective in handling any type of water in the home.


Similar to the drains you find inside your home, outdoor drains require proper care and maintenance. Your home’s outdoor drains are useful in directing water runoff away from the home, reducing the chances of flooding and other types of common water damage. Over time, any outdoor drains can develop clogs from the buildup of dirt, sand, twigs, rocks, and other types of natural debris.

Main Drain Clean Out

Your home’s main drain is your home’s sewer line. It can run from anywhere around 12 to 24 inches in length, making it difficult to locate any size clog. Wherever your home’s main drain is located, our plumbers can perform the proper cleaning and clog removal services needed to prevent your home from experiencing sewage buildup.

Roof Drains


Landscape & Yard Drains

Landscape and yard drains are useful in preventing flooding after rainfall but can become clogged due to leaves, mulch, dirt, soil, and other kinds of natural debris. Ensure your drains are ready to handle whatever weather you get with the team at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing!

Basement Drain & Sump Pumps

To avoid unsanitary sewage backup or flooding in the home, it’s important to not only check that your basement drains are free of debris but to also test your sump pump regularly. With the help of Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, your system can get the proactive care it needs to avoid flooding after heavy rainfall.

Commercial Drain Cleaning

At Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, we have the tools and knowledge needed to handle your business, industrial, or commercial drains and plumbing system. Our services provide immediate relief and prevent the chance of clogs developing in the future. We only rely on proven methods and the best equipment to resolve your company’s drain and plumbing issues. Whether you own a restaurant or industrial facility, we can help clear your commercial sewer and drain lines with ease.


While clogs can range in severity, it’s important to have a professional plumber called out at the first sign of one. The sooner you recognize the 6signs of aclogged drain, the sooner our team can provide the services needed to avoid costly repairs and hazardous situations.

See or Hear Toilet Bubbling


Water Backs Up


Water is Slow to Drain

A common and obvious sign of a clogged drain is slow draining water. Water should move rather quickly down your home’s drains, so if things are taking longer than normal, this is a telltale sign a clog is present in your system. This sign mustn’t be ignored and should be dealt with by professionals as soon as possible.

Bad Odor

When a clog is present, there’s a good chance a bad odor will come along. Whether it’s a buildup of soap scum, hair, leftover toothpaste, or food debris, decomposition will cause the clog to smell. After some time, the foul odor will spread its way and come out of your system’s other drains.



What Are the Causes of a Clogged Drain?


Debris Build Up

下水道堵塞的最常見的原因是一個構建up of debris. Things like soap, hair, and other foreign objects can cause clogs. Some of the most common types of debris buildup we clear from our customer’s drains include soap, hair, cooking oil or grease, food scraps, and other natural debris, including twigs and leaves.



When damage occurs to your pipes, whether they’re cracked, ruptured, or simply broken, backups and clogs are a normal effect. This damage must be repaired by a professional plumber right away. Some of the common types of pipe damage that can cause a blockage in your system include:

As a full-service plumbing company, we’re able to not only clear away the clog and debris left from the pipe damage, but we’re also able to complete any repairs your system requires.




There are a few ways a storm can cause a clog in your plumbing system. One of them is the influx of water your system is intaking. If your home’s storm drains aren’t clear, or your sump pump isn’t as reliable as you thought it was, you will soon experience clogs in your system. The heavy rainfall can also bring in natural, and not so natural debris, into your system, causing major blockages.

Additionally, storms, heavy rainfall, and the flooding that follows can cause your home’s soil to shift, causing damage to your system. The increased pressure on your system can cause things to rupture, letting in pounds of soil, rock, and dirt.


You should always consider the placement of your plumbing when planting new shrubbery or trees. Regardless of how old your pipes are, any roots looking for water will latch onto your pipe and grow into it over some time. When the root expands, it will lead to slow moving drains and an inefficient system.







During the colder months, it’s important to keep an eye on your pipes and ensure you’re taking the proper precautions to prevent frozen pipes. Not only do these cause obstructions in the regular flow of things, as the ice melts, but your system can also become overflooded with water. This can result in major pipe damage, backup, or more clogs throughout your system.



Drain Cleaning Costs - Thorough Assessments & Up-Front Pricing

What’s the price to have my drains cleaned? Unfortunately, without taking a look at your specific situation, we’re unable to give you pricing to have your drains cleaned. This is due to a variety of factors that can affect the costs of your service.

Regardless of the type of clog or gunk in your drain, you can rely on our team for a thorough inspection of your system and upfront and honest pricing before any service is started. This gives you everything you need to ensure you’re making the best choice for your system.


20年來,本傑明富蘭克林管道yaboayx爱游戏官网已經為整個北美家主提供專家,可靠和準時的管道服務。不要拿我們的話!Check out some words from our happy customers.



When you use drain cleaning chemicals, the harsh cleaning solution enters the drain and piping and begins to heat, working its way through the clog – as well as the lining of your pipe. This provides your drain some temporary relief, but the clog is sure to come back if all the debris isn’t cleared away. Not to mention, drain cleaner is incredibly harmful to the environment, so you’ll be far better off with a professional plumber clearing your drains.

Hiring a professional plumber ensures the correct cleaning methods are being used so your lines aren’t damaged in the process. Our advanced tools and proven methods allow us to deliver clean drains that last much longer than completing DIY plumbing.

Other Drain Services We Provide:


Drain Maintenance

Routine professional maintenance can be the key to saving you from future plumbing visits, slow moving drains, and growing frustration. Having regular drain maintenance performed will keep your system’s water flowing the way it should, as well as save you money and time and avoid having to call us out for a major drain clog.

Drain Repair & Installation

We’re proud to offer professional排水修複和安裝服務適用於所有類型的項目。無論您是想要升級您的家庭的排水管,完成新衛生間的重塑,還是需要一個固定在家中,我們的團隊都有經驗,工具和專業知識,以提供更輕鬆的流失服務。


When you have a clog in your drain, let our team perform the proper排水清除服務. Using proven methods, we’ll break down the clog in your system and clear away any debris that is left behind. This ensures your whole line is free of debris and reduces the chance the clog comes back. Our drain clearing services leave your drain like it’s brand new!


水力噴射is a revolutionary system of drain cleaning that utilizes streams of highly pressurized water to cut through the debris trapped in your system, including tree roots! This排水清洗方法offers a thorough clean of your pipes and system, removes nasty and harmful bacteria in your system, and presents a much more long-lasting, cost-effective method than traditional drain cleaning methods.


如果您的係統需求管道改進或安裝, our team can help. We offer both traditional andtrenchless sewerand water line relining,維修和安裝。由於所需的挖掘和快速結果,房主再次慶祝我們的挖掘維修。我們的團隊將始終為您提供前期定價為您提供的所有選項。

Camera and Video Inspections


Drain Cleaning Frequently Asked Questions

Clean and clear drains are crucial to your home’s comfort, health, and safety. If you’re concerned about your drains, or the services our team provides, check out some of these frequently asked questions:

Is Drain Cleaning Necessary for Every Clog?

Yes! Drain cleaning is necessary for every clog if you want the clog to go away completely. Not cleaning the drain, and just removing the clog, gives your water room to flow again but leaves nasty gunk and leftover debris behind. Drain cleaning ensures that your drain is completely clear of all debris.

How Often Should I Schedule a Drain Cleaning?


How Do I Prevent Drain Clogs in the Future?

There are a few steps you can take to prevent clogs from happening in the future. Some ways to prevent drain clogs after our drain cleaning services include:


While plungers are made up of soft, rubberized material, too much thrust downward can cause marks, scratches, and other cosmetic damage. In case your toilet has scratches from plunging, there are many guides available online on how to easily restore its shine.

Is Drano Safe for my Toilet and Plumbing?

通過一次搜索網絡,您會發現大多數 - 如果不是全部 - 專業的水管網建議使用Drano和任何其他排水清潔化學解決方案。在馬桶,排水管或管道中發生的化學反應非常熱烈,對管道襯裏的襯裏造成傷害。

Additionally, Drano doesn’t always work. If you have standing water, use Drano, and it doesn’t work, you’ll then have a fixture full of hazardous chemicals. This makes it more difficult to clear away the obstruction.

Do Plungers Work?

Yes – when used correctly! Whether you’re dealing with a clogged toilet or sink, a sturdy plunger should be able to move your clog along and restore the flow of water.

Here are the proper steps of using a plunger:

  1. Place the plunger directly atop the drain to create a proper seal.
  2. Push the plunger up and down for around half a minute while maintaining the seal created
  3. Release seal and run a test
  4. 如果需要重複


There are a variety of plungers available in your local hardware or department store. Some of the most popular types of plungers offered include:

  • 杯風格 -杯子柱塞也可以稱為經典柱塞。用紅色橡膠杯和木棍,杯式柱塞在水槽或其他平麵上工作。
  • Flange Style –也稱為衛生間柱塞,這些插頭的末端在衛生間排水管中完美地配合。這可以在任何漏極上使用,使其易於形成必要的密封以清除次要和主要堵塞。
  • 手風琴柱塞 -類似於法蘭風格,手風琴柱塞奇怪地看,但是打包了一拳。雖然在家中的每一個流失時不太擅長,但由於創建的吸力增加,它可以最好地處理衛生間堵塞。


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